Everyone knows that the devil lives in the details. In the construction business, that saying couldn’t be more correct. Everything we do needs to be checked, double checked and triple checked before we actually make the installation. At the risk of mixing metaphors, the motto of “measure twice, cut once,” is often not enough.

The details are in the slightly tight kitchen drawer in a new cabinet because it wasn’t installed to perfection. Of course, the problem with the cabinet drawer could have been caused by the way the wall was built. One problem usually leads to another and staying on top of every detail is where Sudbury Construction Company really excels.

Because we are licensed General Contractors, we are able to control the quality of a homeowner’s renovation from the very beginning to the very end, especially if the job had its genesis in the Sudbury Design Center. Our whole house renovation approach really works when we are involved in the plans from the beginning of the project. This is the time when the upgrading of one room or an entire home are still fanciful thoughts in the minds of the homeowners.

Whether you are looking to completely renovate a kitchen, knock down walls to free up some more space, install book cases or totally refinish a basement, bring the ideas into the Sudbury Design Center and let our professional designers and builders create a plan for you that will save you money and bring you the results you are looking for.

We promise that we will take good care of the details. Call 978-443-8288 today and experience a contractor that shows up on time and pays close attention to the details.